We Create The Beauty

About Us

Me King Cosmetics  is one of India’s leading Consumer Products & Services companies in the global beauty and wellness space. From its foundations, Me King Cosmetics has worked outside the box, to bring innovation to its customers through the careful creation of continuous and sustainable change.

Today, Many Indians uses a Me King Cosmetics product. Me King Cosmetics is present in more than 25 States across India. Our vast portfolio of enduring brands such as Hair Oil, Tea, Shampoo.  Our consumers transcend countries and customs. We are a company that believes in challenging the status quo, to create growth and continuity in change.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide people with high quality products to achieve their desired hairstyles. Meking Cosmetics is committed to becoming a global leader of hair care through research, new product development, quality manufacturing, aggressive marketing and superior distribution with the goal of making Meking Cosmetics a household brand name in the communities it serves.

Our Values

For more than twenty years, Meking Cosmetics has been a leader in providing quality hair care products. Our consumers are proud, appearance oriented, brand loyal and cost conscious. Men, women, teens and children use our products. Over the past several years, we have begun to develop an enlarging multi-ethnic clientele on several continents. We are very protective of our name and always seek product excellence and efficient distribution while maintaining affordability.

We manufacture our own products and our continued product research and development allows us to offer the very best to our existing customers while enhancing our appeal in foreign markets. This is all possible because of supportive shareholders, our leadership team, an active sales force and a loyal production department. Absence of corporate bureaucracy allows for nimble decision-making and implementation. As Meking Cosmetics continues to prosper, we will never lose sight of the people to whom we owe our existence. We will reward our employees and also fulfill our civic duties by leading in the development and support of programs for the needy.


  • After working in the industry for years, it is refreshing to see a 'real' natural product…my hair feels more alive than ever before, so soft and l use so little...your products are fantastic. my clients keep coming back for more.
    Pooja Shah, Therapist
  • The Me King products are awesome! My sister and I are both using the Hair Oil and Shampoo and just loving how gorgeous our hair has been looking and feeling. I’m so impressed with the products.

    Jitakshi Dubey
  • Thank you for your excellent customer service. I’m so impressed with Me King Products. I would definitely commend you for your professionalism, enthusiasm and attitude towards your product and I look forward to future dealings.
    Mr. Mahesh Patel, Manager
  • I've been using Me King Products for my childrens hair for roughly 6 years. We have 2 children and have can proudly say that we have never had a case of head lice. My oldest daughter even shared a bed with a child that we discovered had head lice.
    Disha Joshi, Housewife
  • Finally, a product which l can use all the time without my hair getting tired and limp and needing a change. I love the fact that l know without a doubt that this product is safe for my children and we all love the smells. I keep telling everyone.
    Asmi Mishra, Housewife